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About Us

Litel prides itself as a pioneer and trailblazer in providing high value-addition Heating Solutions, Infrared Heat Solutions for drying, curing and baking applications for customers in India and world markets. Our company founders introduced the concept of IR heating technology in India with a strong brand recognition for excellence in implementing successful projects.


If there's a way to do it better... find it.

Thomas Edison

A brief history

Litel belongs to a group of companies promoted by highly qualified US-returned technocrats. It came into existence in 1987 as a forward integration of the earlier venture, a Halogen lamp manufacturing Company, which was started in 1980 and was a technological and business success.

Litel was formed with the objective of providing heating solutions. Litel introduced indigenous infrared heating technology in India.

A solutions company

The ability to study customer’s applications and provide customised solutions is Litel’s unique strength. This is done by a team of engineers with design expertise in various aspects of thermal engineering, control engineering, automation, air handling systems etc.

Most customers approach Litel with problems rather than pre-determined specifications. Litel engineers work out optimum solutions to fit the process requirements, space available and energy constraints to ensure proper payback of the equipments.

The set up includes an Application & Technology Center used extensively for establishing parameters at the enquiry stage. It also has smaller prototypes of various kinds of IR heating systems. However, the controls are full-scale. Such an approach helps in arriving at the correct solution and helps minimize the risks inherent in building large customized equipments which can be tested only after they are completely manufactured.

In recent years a major addition has been PLC based automation and controls to ensure consistency, repeatability, reduction in human intervention and digital diagnostics.

Level of Technology

The technology, mostly developed in-house, is at par with the best in the world and has been recognized by reputed organizations and institutions. Some examples of technological breakthroughs:

  • Indigenously manufactured infrared emitters: It is compared with the best in the world. It is regularly exported to advanced countries like UK, Germany & USA.
  • Gold coating process for quartz IR emitters: Pure gold is the best known reflector for IR energy(99% reflectivity). Gold coating which can withstand temperature as high as 500 deg C is a very unique achievement as earlier this process was done only in Germany.
  • Special systems with extremely high intensities: Infrared radiation to the tune of 5MW/m2 in aerospace applications is achieved with equipments that can both handle and control such intensities through computer generated temperature profiles. The only other complete setups known are at NASA.
  • Gas-fired IR Equipments: Such systems have been made to operate at 830 deg C continuously and maintain a +/- 3 deg C temperature
  • Absolute uniformity across webs: For plastic thermoforming equipment in web form the temperature across sheet is maintained in +/- 1 deg C undisturbed for years.
  • Extraordinary time cycle reductions for many web drying processes and paint curing processes through IR + air impingement designs.
  • Reduction in power consumption to the tune of 30 % in textile screen printing drying application.
  • PLC operated, operator-less painting plants supplied for various automobile components.

A few popular applications

  • Touch-up paint curing on automobiles, durable goods and metal/plastic components
  • Curing of screen printed t-shirts, labels, decals, gaskets and plastic components
  • Drying and curing of specialty coatings on steel strips
  • Water-based paint drying on top surfaces of moulds and cores
  • Print ink drying in a sheet-fed offset machine
  • Paper/Paper board coating drying (ON-line and OFF-line)
  • Heat setting and vulcanizing in rotocure machines for rubber
  • Thermoforming of plastic sheets in sheet or roll form

We are a process focused company.  ISO9001:2008 certified company by QAS, Australia and a special recognition –  DSIR certified R&D Lab by the Ministry of Science & Technology, India. We have won several state and national awards for contribution to the industry for energy efficient solutions.

Looking Ahead

Litel’s major strength lies in customisation, understanding customer’s requirements and designing heating systems to suit these requirements. With a dedicated team of engineers and an indigenous component manufacturing base, Litel is geared to support the users over the years to come.

You are welcome to explore this site and discover a product or solution for your organization. Allow us to be your partner in Heating Solutions!