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Case Study 1- Textile

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A leading t-shirt printing firm in Mumbai approached Litel for a textile print dryer. With rising export t-shirt orders, both quality and productivity of print ink curing were prime needs.


The customer wanted to avoid importing a textile dryer. The required dryer would only be acceptable if it benchmarked the best in the world. Specifically, it would need:

  • Uniform heating throughout the width of the conveyor
  • Uniform temperature throughout the dryer
  • Controllable heat intensity
  • User friendly controls


Litel delivered the Eco-Dryer 1800 in less than 6 weeks. T-Shirts are printed on a S-Roque Screen Printer and placed onto the conveyorized infrared tunnel of the Eco-Dryer 1800. Synchronized IR heat sources with Litel controls ensure uniform curing of virtually all types of screen printing inks. As multiple t-shirts flow through the conveyor, each exits with optimal curing and proceeds for packing. The high efficiency of the IR Dryer economizes power consumption with minimum heat loss. Energy savings are a bonus in terms of environmental impact and cost savings in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. Litel Eco-Dry


  •  Higher productivity by about 30% over import equipment
  •  Very user friendly with PLC control automation
  •  Storage of control recipes to work with various types of inks & substrates
  •  Best results with flocking possible"


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