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Case Study 11- Auto Ancillary

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The customer is a MNC and OEM for innovative sealing technologies of the highest quality which include gasket materials and special gaskets for industrial applications. Nearly all the familiar brands and models of automobile manufacturers worldwide are equipped with the professional sealing solutions from the company. Specific products include sealing, shielding, and valve cover systems used in the automobile industry. Gasket materials and special gaskets for industrial applications


The customer was looking for an optimal drying and curing solution of coatings on both sides of stainless steel gaskets. The heating system would need to cure both water and solvent based coatings. The OEM wanted the equipment to adhere to OSHA standards. They approached Litel to design a system that would meet these safety guidelines and achieve the process parameters for high quality output.


Litel offered an integrated solution:  1. IR Heating Systems for solvent based coating system 2. Air-Dry Systems for rubber coating curing and vulcanizing 3. Control Panel for Automation and Energy Management


Components loaded on overhead conveyor. Loaded component go through all the operations sequentially till unloading. After loading operation the overhead conveyor passes through booth, flash off zone, IR oven and cooling zone.


Litel design offered better heat exchange rates. Typically, 150 deg C temperatures would be required to cure the coatings. Litel achieved this with 120 deg C thereby offering 60% power saving over other competitor heating solutions. Product to product temperatures in the ovens were maintained at +/- 3 deg C.

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