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Case Study 2- Textile

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An upcoming textile print firm in Bengaluru recently invested in a European digital direct-to-garment print technology. They were in search of a Smart Dryer to complement the printer.


The curing and drying process is critical for a high quality finish on printed surface such as designer t-shirts, pillow cases, table cloths, etc.  Special inks used in digital printing are very difficult to cure uniformly on the substrate. The customer and the European supplier of the digital print machine approached Litel team to design and manufacture a Smart Dryer to achieve the desired end results.


Digital ink properties were independently studied in Litel's Application Center and parameters developed for its precise and complete curing. An efficient Dryer powered by LPG/CNG gas was developed.  During trials and post commissioning, it was found that the efficiency achieved by this cutting-edge design not only benchmarked European Dryers but improvised on gas consumption. Litel's Dryer consumes only 50% of energy of the imported Dryer. The customer is highly satisfied and pleased with the performance of the Dryer.


  • Efficient than imported equipment
  • Maintenance free
  • A unique feature of this dryer is that it is controlled through a touch screen panel with a PLC. The oven temperature is controlled through an algorithm which gives much superior performance over the normal on/off controllers.
  • The touch-screen displays temperatures.

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