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A leading Indian company that manufactures ductile iron pipes – (the largest in India) – and ductile iron pipe fittings was in search of a core drying solution.


Litel was one among several other European companies challenged by the customer to offer an integrated core drying solution that would be synchronized with robotics for loading of mold cores. Drying diverse geometries of the mold cores with uneven coating on the surfaces further added to the challenge of designing and manufacturing a complete solution.


As the preferred supplier by the customer, Litel offered a combo drying system, consisting of Infrared and Air-Dry systems. Combinations of short wave and medium wave radiation powered the heating platform for achieving the process results. For synchronization with robotics, a special conveyor was designed to propogate a stop and flow loading technique.


Sand cores of various sizes are dipped into liquid paint and picked up by a robot. Cores are  placed on the conveyor. The conveyor carries it through Litel’s Drying System for processing.


  • Litel's design reduced total energy consumption by 72kW in comparison to all other Drying Systems offered to the customer.  In addition, over 30% of energy saving as compared to a conventional Air Drying system.
  • Heating solution was designed with a small footprint (50% reduction in oven length as compared to a convection oven), thereby preserving valuable floor space.
  • Negligible maintenance cost and very low spare consumable cost.
  • 12 m oven was designed for easy dis-assembly during transport and quick assembly on site post delivery.

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