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Case Study 7- Auto Ancillary

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Customer is a reputed supplier of special-coated brake discs to the automotive industry. Currently plants are set up in South and West India.


The customer is a pioneer in the field of wear-resistance zince based coatings on auto components. As a  first of a kind plant in India, the requirement of a turnkey paintshop had multi-fold challenges. The high priced coating is an environment friendly water-based composition. A special coating delivery system to prevent wastage was a key requirement. Like-wise components to be coated would require an immediate pre-heat temperature of 400 deg C, not feasible with a Hot Air System.


The Litel team convinced the customer to let it supply the entire paint-shop line over contenders in USA and Europe. The scope of supply included a pre-heating system, paintbooth with automated spraying, curing system and a cooling zone, all anchored on a stop and flow conveyor. The paintbooth has an accurate spraying system - paint is ejected only when components are indexed and aligned. The conveyor is designed with a rotational directional advantage and synchronized with the spraying. Heating systems have a combination of short wave and medium wavelengths for optimal thermal process during pre-heating and curing. Special sensors control motion and IR radiation thereby tightly controlling process performance and energy management of the entire system. The nerve center of the automated system is the Litel Control System.


  • A First Time in India plant driven by 100% Indian Technology
  • Accurate Spraying : 50% paint saving realized
  •  Special conveyor with in-built product rotation
  • IR ovens for high temperature (over 400ºC) on components
  • Litel Control System to monitor conveyor speed, sensors, energy management algorithms

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