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Case Study 8- Auto Ancillary

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"Customer is a leading brake systems company with several joint ventures with Japan and involved in products such as asbestos free brake linings, disc pads  & clutch facings. Their end products are supplied to the the passenger and commercial vehicle industry in India and Europe.


Application required adhesive coating curing on caliper brake shoes for trucks. The customer was looking for a curing system that would ensure uniform heating across the entire width of the conveyor. For such a demanding performance on a sensitive coating, the only option was to import a system from Japan.


Litel offered an import substitute solution that would convert their batch type operation to a conveyorized process. Besides desired curing results, productivity would increase multi-fold. The pre-heating and post adhesive coating curing of MS Brake Discs was done by a unique medium wave infrared oven with optimal IR wavelengths matching the chemical composition of the adhesive.


  • Accuracy & Uniformity of heating: only a 5 deg C variation end to end across the width of the oven
  • Service & commissioning in India
  •  Import substitute

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