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An MNC company headquartered in Scandanavia and dealing in equipments for the mining, construction, paper, pulp industries approached Litel for an end-to-end heating solution for an upcoming hi-tech foundry in India.


A critical operation in the casting process requires integration of moisture removal from sand molds, applying a coating on it, flash-curing the coating for removal of solvents, followed by curing on the sand mould surfaces. The challenge was to use the appropriate heating technology for attaining the quality of curing and building very high energy efficiency in the system.


A custom heating solution was designed and manufactured to synchronize perfectly with a stop-and-flow conveyor system. Automation ensures maximum productivity with minimal manpower. Special in-built features in the system prevents heat loss within the oven during operation.


Extreme energy saving (30-40% saving in gas consumption) driven by the increased rate of heat transfer.  Cumulative technology in the design of air handling system with precise heat control with PLC automation control system responsible for deriving the process results.

  • Equipment is "cool to touch" thereby providing operator comfort.
  • Entire solution was an "import-substitute" giving the customer incredible cost savings.
  • A relatively small footprint of the system, given the scale of operation, thereby saving the customer valuable space on the shop floor.

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