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By and large, energy going into process heating accounts for the largest use of energy in any industry and consequently, the highest energy cost.

Litel can help you discover energy-saving opportunities in heating applications that include equipments such as ovens, furnaces, dryers and miscellaneous heating systems powered by electricity, gas, diesel, etc., in your plants and manufacturing floors.  Over 20 years of application experience in paper, textile, plastics, composites, auto, etc with leading companies in S.Asia empowers the Litel team to outlay an energy-saving program and design for ready implementation.

Specifically, the energy related objectives in the consultancy include:

Increase in throughput with lesser and/or no increase in energy consumption

  • Smaller footprint of the heating equipment, thereby saving on crucial floor space/real estate
  • Improved profitability of the process and rapid return on investment
  • An eco-friendly approach keeping in mind local needs and manufacturing practices 

For any existing heat process, Litel can:

  • Conduct an energy audit of an existing oven / dryer / furnace and submit an energy audit report
  • Make recommendations regarding new equipments as replacement of the existing ones / additions to existing equipments or modifications of existing equipments
  • Help with a process conversion, for example an existing solvent based coating curing process into a water based coating curing process.
  • Help conversion from any one fuel to any other due to issues related to availability / non-availability of a particular type of fuel

For any new heating process /green-field project, Litel can:

  • Prepare a feasibility study, enumerating various options, their probable costs and probable ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Make a comparative analysis of available technologies and recommend the optimum option 

For both new and existing heating processes, Litel can:

  • Conduct a process simulation at Litel’s laboratory to verify suitability of heating processes adopted
  • Help arrive at suitable process parameters where they are not clearly known
  • Facilitate third party suppliers, for example, coating chemical suppliers in the above exercise 

Resources available at Litel works to conduct process studies:

  • Heat source in multiple radiation wavelengths, geometries and heating power
  • Hot air ovens
  • Gas / electric IR ovens
  • Electric furnaces
  • Data loggers / recorders
  • Non-contact & contact temperature sensors
  • Coating and reflector development facilities
  • Electronics and sophisticated digital power controls
  • Automation set-up
  • Global network of process experts and consultants for specialized applications