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Litel engineers have worked to reduce the installed load of IR ovens as well as consumption. An important feature of […]

About the product

Litel engineers have worked to reduce the installed load of IR ovens as well as consumption. An important feature of these ovens is that because these ovens are just-in-time, power is consumed only when the object is inside the oven. Moreover, once the temperature reaches (in a matter of seconds), the drawn power drops drastically; as such the consumption is a fraction of the installed power.

Every Litel equipment of about 18-24 kW installed power saves anywhere between Rs 2 lac to Rs 5 lac a year, depending upon other operational factors.


Expansion shrink -fit – Auto Industry

Expansion-shrink fit is a fairly common application in auto industry and engineering industry which involve temporary expansion of a bore for insertion of another component. Traditionally this application was done either by hot air ovens or by hot oil bath which involved heating the entire mass to the required temperature. This in turn required long time as well as substantial amount of energy.

Litel solved this problem by a unique process – by localized heating of the bores in a very short time. This has not only become hugely successful, but also an industry standard.

Infrared ovens  for moulds pre-drying

Moulds need to be pre-dried in a no-bake operation, such that the surface moisture is removed and a perfectly dry surface is available for paint application.

Features oF Litel IR Ovens

  • Stand-alone, self supporting equipment.
  • Supports can be integrated with that of existing floor conveyor (which could be existing or customer supplied).
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to install- dispatched in fully assembled condition.
  • Easy to operate through PLC with ready recipes.
  • High life wiring system specially designed by Litel gives trouble free life for a long time.

Controls and automation

  • Standard control scheme includes
  •  Control panel attached to the oven
  • PLC controls
  • Automatic power controls either through recipes or with respect to non-contact temperature sensing.
  • Digital power controllers
  • Complete integration with the conveyor operation for just-in-time operation.
  • Various safety features, depending upon the requirement of the operation.
  • Control options include integration with plant SCADA

Key advantages:

  • Reduced process time (1 min to 5 min)
  • Just in time operation-  dryer is off when there is no product inside
  • No heat-up time
  •  Instant on/off
  • Proven results



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