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Litel offers special IR Oven designs for both heavy and light end products

About the product

The paint baking oven is typically one of the highest energy consuming equipments in any factory and cost of operation is the most important consideration for any user. That is why Litel ovens are designed to take care of every single calorie or watt being used.

Why Litel?

Litel pioneered the use of paint baking ovens in India- to such an extent that IR ovens became synonymous with Litel ovens. The variation in paint types and base materials is quite large.

Base materials include: Mild steel sheets, mild steel heavy plates, castings – small and large, Aluminium, Brass, Plastics

Whereas paints used include: Polyurethanes, Epoxys, All ADFD (air drying – forced drying) varieties, Lacquers, Specialty coatings cured at high temperatures, Water and solvent based paints

Paint schedules include: Full curing, Dry for packing


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