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IR Tower dryers and tunnel dryers for technical textiles. IR dryers for Teflon coating system

    About the product

    Technical textiles often involve high value added coating and impregnation processes which are also critical for control. The speeds involved are high and materials are sensitive. All this calls for precision design of the dryers.

    Why Litel ?

     Litel pioneered the use of IR in tower dryers in India and has also converted many hot air based systems to IR.

    Litel has also supplied boosters which occupy very little space but increase productivity of very high capacity hot air dryers by 50%.


    Energy efficient design


    Low operating costs is the most important consideration in Litel designs.

    A typical medium / large sized IR tower dryer has the ability to save Rs 15,00,000/- or Rs 30,00,000/- in fuel bills alone in a year.



    -Drying coatings on woven glass fibre
    -Drying non-woven glass fibre
    -Drying tyre cords
    -Curing Teflon coating

    Controls and automation


    -PLC controls and integration with plant SCADA
    -Manual or automatic power controls
    -Digital power controllers
    -Non contact temperature sensing (Litel make)
    -Various safety features, depending upon the requirement of the operation.


    Salient features and options


    -Easy to install and operate. In most cases can be easily supported from the existing structure.
    -High life wiring system specially designed by Litel gives trouble free life for a long time.
    -Air handling system engineered to improve the performance by effective heat recovery and exhaust.




    • Width adjustment
    • Auto / manual retraction mechanisms