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High efficiency conveyorised paint curing lines for mass production of automotive components. Conveyorised IR paint curing lines

About the product

Drying solution for paint & powderlineLitel Paint shops are built around IR Oven or IR + convection oven with special features.

  • Specialty Conveyors : Litel has developed some specially conveyors with small turning radii There are also special spindle design for components do not have holes and / or at the same time require very high speed production (such as filters) These designs save expensive floor space. Modularized construction and prewired assemblies lead to shorter time for installation and commissioning.
  • Precise Air system design. Air flows in the flash off zone and in the booth are designed as per OSHA standard instead of using approximated designs.
  • Intelligent PLC controlled operation makes the plant operator friendly. Entire operation is controlled from by one PLC and all required parameters as well as diagnostic features are available on the PLC In the form of prompts.
  •  Very high speed painting lines Speeds to the tune 6 to 8 m/min have been achieved with automatic, operator-less paintshops.

Paintshops supplied till date for

  • Heavy components: valves / actuators / gearboxes
  • Light components: automobile filters
  • Automotive components: filters / brake shoes

Advantages  ( proven by Litel equipments)

  • Shorter drying time: typically one third of convection ovens.
  • Low cost of drying due to no heat up time and shortened drying time
  • Enhanced quality of the coated surface due to inside-out heating.
  • Better adhesion due to improved quality of bond between paint and substrate
  • Simplified plant layout because of reduced oven lengths. (in paintshops, ovens are typically the largest  equipments.)
  • No heat-up / cool down time. Oven gets switched on after the component enters the oven


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