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Web-dry Series

Web Dryers: Ideal for textile, films, foils and paper conversion industry

About the product

Webs are materials which are processed in roll form, typically at high speeds. These include most of the applications in textile, films, foils and paper conversion industry.

The application areas include

-As boosters for off-line coaters
-All water based drying operations


Why Litel  


Although IR is a preferred source in many places, Litel offers designs developed over 25 years experience which provide energy efficient long life reliable designs over run-of-the-mill products available on the market.

Energy efficient design

Low operating costs is the most important consideration in Litel designs. This is achieved through two main factors

-Use of highly efficient IR emitters made in Litel’s own factory
-Precise tuning of IR emitters for the products.

For a small operation even a 10 kW saving in power consumption on two shifts per day basis over a period of one year is equivalent to savings of about Rs 3 million in electricity bills alone.  This reduces the payback time of the equipment drastically.



-Light weight construction

-Modular construction. Capacity additions are possible.

-Easy to install and operate. In most cases can be easily supported from the existing structure.

-High life wiring system specially designed by Litel gives trouble free life for a long time.



-Width adjustment

-Auto / manual retraction mechanisms

Control options include


-PLC controls and Digital power controllers

-Non contact temperature sensing (Litel make)

Case Studies